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3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

Published June 12, 2024

Water leaks in homes do not just waste copious amount of water, but also significantly adds to the water bills. If you see water stains on the floor or walls of your house, it is a sign of leakage. There can be a growth of mold and mildew in the area. If there is a leak in your yard, you can see a healthy growth of greens. Not addressing water leaks appropriately in time can lead to a bigger issue, can weaken the structural integrity of your house, and can lead to future expensive repairs. The exact location of water leaks can be hard to detect if the leak is covered or underground. But certain symptoms can help you narrow down the location. You should seek profession plumber help and them to do sewer line inspection to ascertain the issue.

Water leaks are common and can happen for several reasons. Sometimes the pipes are old and worn out. In some cases, animal digs into pipes, or the roots of trees can grow into water pipes. Extreme weather fluctuations can also lead to malfunctioning and bursting of pipes.

So, what can you do to detect water leaks in your home? Here are 3 simple ways to do so:

Track Your Water Bills:

Keep a track of how much you pay in water bills for regular usage of water. If there is an unexpected surge in water bills without any changes in how much you use water, it is likely the surge is due to water leaks. The plumbing system of a house comprises a network of sewer pipes and any problem there must be addressed on priority.

Checking with the Water Meter:

To check the leakage of water, plumbers often check the water meters. Turn off the water supply of your house and appliances, and look at the water meter. If there is any movement there despite the water supply being turned off, there is a case of a water leak in your water pipes. In case of a slow water leak, the movement can come after an hour or more. So, give it that much time to ascertain the chances of a leak.

Stethoscope Test:

To perform this test, turn off all pipe fittings and place the tip of a metal screwdriver on the pipe. Place your ear on the other side and listen to vibrations of flowing water, if any. The sound here can indicate a water leak.

In olden times there was a lot of guesswork involved in ascertaining the location of water leaks. But now sewer camera inspection, the location can be found with higher accuracy. Drainage camera inspection makes use of a waterproof drainage camera that can get into your sewer lines and show the actual footage from inside the pipes. It helps in reducing any unnecessary digging and fixes the problem with lesser hassle. If you need help with fixing water leakage in your house in Maryland, the professional plumbing service of Elite Plumbing can come to your rescue. Call them today.

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