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5 Signs That You Need a Drain Camera Inspection

Published June 12, 2024

A drain camera is a very useful piece of equipment used by professional plumbers to accurately detect and diagnose issues in the sewer or drains. It is a small waterproof camera attached to a cable with a light source that can go deep into the drain and gives a plumber a clear view inside a sewer line. It is very handy in detecting issues that happen in underground sewer lines – like cracked or leaking pipes, the position of clogs and pipe blockages, misaligned pipes, etc. It is used by plumbing professionals to detect the cause of active plumbing issues in a property and is also helpful in finding smaller issues that could become a potentially large problems over time.

Persistent Nasty Smell:

If you are experiencing a persistent nasty smell from the drains in and around your property, there is likely some issue with the sewer line. Previously sewer lines had to be dug up to find out where the issue was, but now a  sewer camera inspection  can come to your rescue. It can detect with accuracy where the blockage/clog is and a professional plumber can remedy it at the earliest.

Frequent Clogged Toilets or Shower Drains:

Clogs in toilets are common or shower drains are common; however, if you experience persistent recurring clogs or blockages in the drains, sinks, and shower drains on your property, it can signify some blockage down in the sewer system. A drainage camera inspection can help in finding the root cause.

Seepage, Water Damage on the Floors and Walls:

Sewage lines are placed under the floor or are covered inside the wall. If any leakage happens in these lines, the drain water will seep into the area causing water damage and mold formation over time. If you find such an issue on your property, a drain camera sewer line inspection to detect the cause of the problem.

High Water Bills: 

Have your water bills suddenly increased, even when your water use habits are the same? There may be some leaks in your plumbing system which is resulting in loss of water. A sewage pipe leakage can lead to a host of other issues. So, it is important to get it sorted fast. A drain camera inspection can be very helpful in this regard.

Slow Drains or Recurrent Sewage Backups:

Slow-moving drains are a huge inconvenience and so are sewage backups. In case of sewage backups, wastewater gets pushed back into the drain or toilet bringing with it foul smell and dangerous contaminants. If you find that these problems are occurring too often on your property, there are likely clogs and blockages in your sewer system. Opting for a drain camera inspection in such a scenario is a sensible thing to do.

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