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Common Winter Plumbing Problems & How to Fix Them

Published June 12, 2024

Winter is a beautiful time of year, with the snow-covered landscape and holiday cheer. However, extreme cold weather can cause various issues, from frozen pipes to malfunctioning water heaters. These plumbing problems can be frustrating and costly to fix. This blog post will discuss some of the most common winter plumbing problems and how to fix them.

Frozen pipes

One of the most frustrating winter plumbing problems is when your pipes freeze. Various factors, including poor insulation and frigid temperatures, can cause it. If you suspect that your pipes are frozen, you should first shut off the water supply to your home. It will prevent the pipes from bursting when they thaw. You can then try softening the lines using a hair dryer or heating pad. If you cannot thaw the pipes yourself, it is best to call a a professional for plumbing services.

Leaky faucets

Another common winter plumbing problem is leaky faucets. Cold temperatures can cause seals and gaskets to shrink, leading to leaks. To fix a leaky faucet, you will need to identify the cause of the leak and replace the damaged parts. It may involve replacing the washer, O-ring, or valve seat. Call a plumber if you are not well-versed in the various aspects of a faucet.

Malfunctioning water heater

Imagine stepping into the shower only to realise that the water is not hot at all. A malfunctioning water heater in winter is not new. Various factors, including sediment build-up, a faulty thermostat, or a broken heating element, can cause it. If your water heater is not working correctly, you should check the pilot light and ensure it is on. If the pilot light is not the issue, you may need to replace the thermostat or heating element. Electrical equipment like water heaters should be fixed only by professional plumbers trained and certified to carry out the work.

Clogged drains

Cold temperatures can cause grease and oil to solidify, leading to blocked drains. You can use a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner to fix a clogged drain. If these methods do not work, you may need to use a plumbing snake to remove the blockage. In case the clog is severe, seek professional plumbing help for drain cleaning.

Running toilet

A running toilet can be a major inconvenience, especially during the winter when you are trying to conserve energy. It can be caused by various factors, including a faulty flapper, a damaged flush valve, or a clogged toilet. To fix a running toilet, you will need to identify the cause of the problem and replace the damaged parts. Expert plumbers can come to your rescue and resolve the issue.

You can prevent most winter plumbing issues by taking a few simple precautions. However, if you end up with a clogged drain or any other plumbing problem in Maryland that you can’t fix, instead of searching for ‘emergency plumbers near me’, call the professional plumbers at Elite Plumbing. They have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix any plumbing issue quickly, ensuring that your home stays warm and comfortable all winter. Their services are reliable and affordable. Call today!

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