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How to Choose the Right Plumber When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Published June 12, 2024

Here are a few suggestions to help you find the best emergency plumbing service, from checking references quickly to making a list of names and costs.

1. Verify ratings and credentials

Go to the company’s reviews first to discover what previous clients have to say about them. It is recommended to check third-party reviews because they typically adhere to more practical standards than reviews a business may publish on its website.

Make sure your plumber has a license as well. In an emergency, it’s more likely that you’ll forego checking permits to finish the job faster, but doing so could result in subpar work and further repairs.

2. Know your plumbing company and your plumber

Ask for the name of the person who answers the phone when you call the plumbing business in your area to make an emergency service request. Also, inquire about the plumber’s name who will handle your plumbing issue—letting someone into your home on holiday or in the middle of the night will feel intrusive. Thus, it is preferable to know their names beforehand.

3. Watch out for over-the-phone plumbing prices.

Never trust any quotes you receive over the phone. Before a plumber can assess the damage, it can be challenging to know the amount of the damage and make repairs properly.

4. Locate an Emergency Local Plumber

A national company could be more well-known, but it might not offer local services when you need them. For example, hiring local plumbers in Maryland during a plumbing emergency may result in a quicker response time, and they will have expertise with local plumbing standards and regulations.

5. Check That They Have the Right Insurance

Beyond licensing, confirm that the plumbing service has appropriate general and professional liability insurance. Insurance ensures that the plumber and the client are covered if a component breaks. Choosing a plumber without insurance is a sure way to get yourself into a costly scenario if a repair goes wrong.

6. Seek out a plumbing company with 24-hour coverage.

Emergency services and 24-hour services are not the same things. “24-hour emergency plumbing service” refers to all hours of response and repairs, including in the middle of the night. An “emergency plumber” may guarantee someone to your premises within a specified period within normal business hours. Please verify that the plumbers on your shortlist are available when you need them.

Your shower or bathtub shouldn’t start spouting water like a firehose at one in the morning. Thankfully, emergency plumbers are accessible around-the-clock to handle tasks like these, but you must choose one that performs well and puts your interests first. Make sure to google “plumbers near me” and shortlist a few professionals as a precaution.

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