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Why Is My Water Heater Not Heating?

Published May 31, 2024

Turning on your hot water dap and discovering a lack of hot water is frustrating. The problem is likely with your water heater, but what could cause this equipment to stop working? 

We at Elite Plumbing know that you rely on hot water for many daily activities like bathing and washing clothes. Here, we explain some of the most common reasons for water heaters to stop producing hot water. 

Reasons Your Water Heater Might Not Be Heating

Not having access to hot water is a major inconvenience. Unfortunately, water heaters can stop functioning due to fuel problems, equipment damage, and faulty parts.

No Power Source

All water heaters must have sufficient fuel from whatever power source they draw from to heat water. For instance, gas water heaters will not work if the equipment isn’t receiving enough natural gas. The same goes for electric models without access to electricity. 

If your electric unit isn’t working, check your electric panel for a tripped breaker and ensure its power cord is operational without damage. If your water heater uses natural gas, ensure there aren’t any disruptions to the supply with the gas line or your natural gas company.

Limescale Buildup

A common problem with water heaters is limescale buildup from excess minerals in the water supply settling around the tank, valves, and pipelines. As the system heats water with many minerals, the moisture evaporates and leaves behind remnants of the minerals. Too much mineral buildup can lead to loud noises from the heater, foul-smelling water from the tap, and heating element failure. 

Flushing your water heater can help remove limescale buildup. Consider investing in a water heater filter or water softener to reduce the risk of additional limescale buildup.

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes water heaters are fully functional yet their thermostats are faulty, which prevents the equipment from working correctly. If your water heater uses one heating element and experiences any type of thermostat failure, the unit won’t produce hot water. 

Water heaters with two heating elements often have an upper and lower thermostat. If the upper one fails, the heater won’t produce hot water, and limited hot water would be available if the lower thermostat is faulty. For that reason, it’s always best to test your water heater’s thermostats if the unit doesn’t yield enough hot water if it produces any at all. 

Contact the Professionals for Water Heater Repair Today

Whether you have a tank water heater, a tankless water heater, or a heat pump water heater in your home or business, you need it to be fully functional at all times to supply your property with a steady flow of hot water. If anything prevents your water heater from working correctly, count on Elite Plumbing to get to the root of the problem and implement the best solution for it. 

Our licensed professionals have nearly two decades of experience meeting the plumbing needs of residents throughout Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard counties in Maryland. We offer the highest quality work at the most affordable rates. Call (443) 343-2284 today to request water heater servicing with Elite Plumbing today. 

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