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When to Call a Plumber: Signs to Look Out For

Published June 12, 2024

Some plumbing problems can be solved the DIY way – a little tightening of a loose connection to stop that leak or pouring a soda-vinegar solution down a clogged drain to clear the pipe. But, if you are facing recurring plumbing issues in your house, the underlying problem might be larger than it seems. In such cases trying to fix the issue will only exacerbate it further and you might end up spending more on costly repairs.

Top Signs That You Should Call a Plumber

Low Water Pressure

Have you ever stepped into a shower only to see a trickle of water falling? Frustrating right? You might be tempted to poke into the shower aerator to remove any barrier that is stopping the water from flowing out. Please stop yourself from trying it – you are facing problems with the water pressure- the reasons for which can be many. So, it is best to call a professional plumber who can check on all the possible causes and address them appropriately.

Foul Smell in the House

Do you find a strange foul smell pervading your home? Does it smell like sewer? Well, it is most likely a case of sewer line leakage. It should be addressed on priority else it can pose a serious problem for the integrity of the plumbing system. The dirty water can seep into the wall and can also lead to nasty back-ups in the drain.

Back Flow of Wastewater

This is among the nastiest plumbing issues one can face. No one wants the wastewater coming back up into the house and ruining things around. If you face a backflow of wastewater, do not waste any time, and call for professional plumber help right away.

No Water in the House

Imagine turning on the taps and finding that there is no water. Where has all the water vanished? Well, only a professional plumber service can tell. Since most of the plumbing system is concealed, it is not right to go by guesswork. Professional plumbers have diagnostic tools to find the root cause of the problem and address it correctly.

No Hot Water

No hot water means there is a fault in the water heater and that must be checked by a professional plumber who is trained and certified to work with water heating systems. Never attempt to fix these issues unless you are trained and have the necessary experience in dealing with appliances.

You can go online and search for an emergency plumber near me, or plumbing services near me in a bid to find a professional plumber. But that would take a lot of time and effort. Elite Plumbing offers 24×7 emergency plumbing services in most areas of Maryland including PasadenaGlen BurnieSevernAnnapolisSeverna ParkCape St. ClaireMillersvilleArnoldGambrills, and Crownsville.

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