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Faucet Repair and Installation

Call Elite Plumbing and Home Services for Professional Faucet Repair and Installation Services in Pasadena, MD.

Faucet Repair and Installation in Anne Arundel County, MD

Does your local residential or commercial property require a faucet repair and installation?

For over 20 years in Maryland, Elite Plumbing & Home Services has been the trusted local team for guaranteed quality faucet plumbing, backed with:

  • Industry-leading warranties and certifications.
  • Transparent plumbing price estimations.
  • Fair, industry-leading service rates.
  • Free comprehensive point inspection from the first call.

Why accept plumbing that is less than elite?

A dripping or leaky faucet is water-wasting, inconvenient, and, more importantly, an easy fix! Plus, if you don’t know whether faucet repair or replacement is the next best step, you’ll want to ensure you have a plumber able to provide you with guidance and great deals!

Faucet Plumbing System Installation and Repair Services

At Elite Plumbing & Home Services, our Maryland team is well-versed in delivering a seamless suite of services.

Let’s detect, diagnose, and directly address your property’s plumbing problems via the following faucet services:

  • Faucet repair: Whether it’s in a bathroom or kitchen, we’re confident we can fix up your existing faucet. Clogs, corrosion, and defective components can all be cumbersome to deal with. But they’re typically fixable!
  • Faucet replacement: Is your current faucet beyond repair? Do you just want a more aesthetically pleasing remodel? In either case, we can competently install new faucets for your Maryland home or business.
  • Faucet maintenance: Did you know that diligent care and cleaning can extend the lifespan of your existing faucet? We’re more than happy to help with both tasks!
  • Leak detection and prevention: It isn’t always easy to tell where the source of a leak has sprung. Our faucet and pipe experts can go the extra mile to find it using our state-of-the-art tools, such as comprehensive video inspections.

Is your water line fine, but your water supply appears discolored? Is it not coming out at a sufficient pressure or temperature? Beyond fixing your faucet, our well-equipped team also handles heaters, backflow prevention, and water treatment services.

When To Call A Plumbing Company About Your Plumbing Issues

Are you dealing with a faulty sink or faucet? It’ll be obvious you need to deal with it.

Pick up the phone to reach our local plumber if you notice the following:

  • Dripping water coming from the faucet: Is it still going, even after you shut it off?
  • A squeaky handle on the faucet: Weak structural integrity should be addressed with strong, quality plumbing repairs.
  • Visibly damaged components: Defective gaskets, washers, or o-rings can all lead to faucet leakage.
  • Rusty, discolored water from the faucet: A contaminated water supply should be addressed as soon as possible. It might also be the faucet itself.
  • Spitting water coming from the faucet: Low water pressure can be problematic, but so can high water pressure. Let’s help you find the right balance.

A whole host of problems can find their way into your property’s faucets, which is why our plumbing professionals reliably deliver a whole host of solutions.

Looking For Plumber Professionals in Maryland? Choose Elite Plumbing & Home Services

For over two decades, our plumbing services team has been proud to provide prompt, punctual faucet repair and installation to communities across Baltimore and:

  • Anne Arundel County.
  • Greater Baltimore County.
  • Howard County.

Are you a Maryland resident who needs a faucet fixed up? New handles or fixtures and all other plumbing problems need fast, dependable solutions. You can find them at Elite Plumbing & Home Services, so call 443-343-2284 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Pay for a Faucet Installation?

You should expect a faucet installation’s cost to include labor costs for the job (one to two hours), the cost of the new faucet fitting, and additional charges, such as transportation.

Is it Cheaper To Repair or Replace a Faucet?

Usually, repairs on existing faucets tend to be cheaper than outright replacing them; the job is less complicated. However, your plumber will provide details as your most reliable point of reference for faucet repair and installation cost questions.

Who Should I Call To Install a Sink Faucet?

The best person you can call to install your sink faucet is a reliable plumber. Getting quotes from a few different plumbing service providers can help you narrow down your choices.

Will a Plumber Install a Faucet I Buy?

Yes, plumbers like Elite Plumbing & Home Services will be able to install a new faucet you’ve bought. If you’ve wasted no time in giving them a call about your leaky faucet issues, some professional plumbers might even perform your faucet replacement on the same day.

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  • Contacted Elite about problems with electric tankless water heater. Response was fast and courteous. After determining problems were due faulty original installation, Ryan offered multiple options for addressing problem. Opted for new gas tankless water heater. Installation was prompt and well done. Extremely happy with the results.”

    -Richard C.
  • Highly recommend Elite Plumbing!! I discovered a water leak in my front yard. It was covered by my insurance company, and they had Elite Plumbing call me. The job was done the very next day! Can hardly tell that the front yard was dug into, in multiple spots. Thank you very much, and I know who to call for plumbing problems in the future!

    -Kim K.
  • “I am completely satisfied with the service provided by Elite Plumbing. I was able to get same day service and the contractor came on time during the timeframe they had told me. The contractor was professional and completed the services appropriately. Would definitely recommend!

    -Meredith D.
  • “Elite Plumbing Company is the absolute best. They have exceptional customer service and are very professional and provide prompt service. My family have used them for three separate jobs now and have been very pleased with their work and service. Thank you so much.

    -Robin M.
  • “I called Elite Plumbing for a leaking garbage disposal in a rental condo we own. Jeremy responded the next day and installed a new garbage disposal without any incident. Thank you, Jeremy…we are keeping your phone number on file.

    -Barbara N.
  • “Ryan and his team were phenomenal! After coming to the rescue after the second back-up, Ryan suggested I have my sewer line replaced as soon as possible. They got me scheduled quickly after, arrived on time, did an exceptional job and are overall great people to work with! I highly recommend Elite Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

    -Evelyn A.

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