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Outdoor Plumbing

Call Elite Plumbing and Home Services for Professional Outdoor Plumbing Services in Pasadena, MD.

Outdoor Plumbing in Anne Arundel County, MD

If you want help managing your outdoor plumbing, call Elite Plumbing & Home Services for repair and replacement.

If you’ve never dealt with outdoor plumbing before, we can help start your introduction off right.

Our professional plumbing services let you enjoy professional installation and repair work, no matter your needs. If you have any questions about your installation, what you’re purchasing, or how it works, you can ask a professional during your appointment so that everyone is on the same page.

If you’re new to the idea of installing outdoor plumbing and are looking for a plumber who can help explain the pros and cons, consider our outdoor plumbing services. As a professional plumbing company, Elite Plumbing & Home Services is equipped to install whatever you need, whether you want a full outdoor plumbing system or just a tune-up on your pipes.

We are capable of helping you with:

  • Outdoor faucet repair and installation
  • Sprinkler repair and installation
  • Outdoor showers
  • Outdoor sinks
  • Leak detection for pools, pipes, and faucets
  • Downspout cleaning
  • Septic system checking

If you have a pipe problem, Elite Plumbing & Home Services can fix it. Contact us using our number or email. If you want proof of our quality services, consider looking at our customer testimonials.

Signs You Have Plumbing Issues

Sometimes the signs that you need a repair can be subtle. They may even go undetected until you check your expenses and encounter something off.

Looking for a plumber to help assess these issues doesn’t have to be difficult; just reach out to Elite Plumbing & Home Services. However, getting a head start on the issue by at least knowing the signs can help jump-start the process.

Watch out for some of the following signs that your outdoor plumbing system needs work.

Muddy Patches

While mud is a natural part of having a yard, excessive mud can be a cause for concern. This problem could indicate disaster underneath the ground, like leaks from pipes that you can’t see. If you have an excessive amount of water in your grass, consider calling a professional for a proper assessment of your water line.

Have you noticed sewage smells accompanying this problem? This may indicate that it isn’t just a water line to a sprinkler or hose that’s broken, but a sewer line. Pay attention to the volume of the water, and if it changes as you attempt to use some of your outdoor plumbing appliances. If the mud pools increase, stop using the water systems and consider calling in a professional who can provide outdoor plumbing services.

High Water Bills

If your bill fluctuates by $20 a month or more, there may be an issue that is due to a steady drip, whether it be from a sprinkler hidden in the grass or a water hose that you can’t turn off all the way. Check your outdoor plumbing fixtures; if you notice that something seems to drip constantly, call a professional.

Unexplained Wall Moisture

Moisture on your walls can spell a problem with the pipes. Your pipes commonly run through walls to transport water from Point A to Point B, so if your walls begin to leak, you have a much more potent one beneath the surface.


If you have a dripping sprinkler, hose, or some other fixture, the extra water will show somewhere on your lawn and among your plants. Those getting extra water will grow more, showing evidence in that steady drip even if you can’t see it. Evaluate your appliances if you notice some overgrowth; you may find that one of them is malfunctioning.

Get Help With Your Outdoor Plumbing

Our experts can fix damaged outdoor plumbing fixtures or install new ones. Just call Elite Plumbing & Home Services at (443) 343-2284 to request service.

Outdoor Plumbing FAQ

If you still have questions about your outdoor plumbing, we can help. Below, we provide expert answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about outdoor plumbing ventures.

What Type of Pipe Is Used for Outdoor Water Lines?

The type of pipe commonly used for outdoor water lines is polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Being generally inexpensive and durable, it makes for a perfect outdoor piping solution.

What Is the Best Pipe for an Outdoor Faucet?

PEX tubing, or cross-linked polyethylene tubing, is one of the best kinds of piping you can use for water supplies like an outdoor faucet.

What Is Considered Outdoor Plumbing?

Outdoor plumbing is anything that uses your plumbing system outdoors. This includes items like sprinklers, faucets, pools, hoses, and spigots.

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  • Contacted Elite about problems with electric tankless water heater. Response was fast and courteous. After determining problems were due faulty original installation, Ryan offered multiple options for addressing problem. Opted for new gas tankless water heater. Installation was prompt and well done. Extremely happy with the results.”

    -Richard C.
  • Highly recommend Elite Plumbing!! I discovered a water leak in my front yard. It was covered by my insurance company, and they had Elite Plumbing call me. The job was done the very next day! Can hardly tell that the front yard was dug into, in multiple spots. Thank you very much, and I know who to call for plumbing problems in the future!

    -Kim K.
  • “I am completely satisfied with the service provided by Elite Plumbing. I was able to get same day service and the contractor came on time during the timeframe they had told me. The contractor was professional and completed the services appropriately. Would definitely recommend!

    -Meredith D.
  • “Elite Plumbing Company is the absolute best. They have exceptional customer service and are very professional and provide prompt service. My family have used them for three separate jobs now and have been very pleased with their work and service. Thank you so much.

    -Robin M.
  • “I called Elite Plumbing for a leaking garbage disposal in a rental condo we own. Jeremy responded the next day and installed a new garbage disposal without any incident. Thank you, Jeremy…we are keeping your phone number on file.

    -Barbara N.
  • “Ryan and his team were phenomenal! After coming to the rescue after the second back-up, Ryan suggested I have my sewer line replaced as soon as possible. They got me scheduled quickly after, arrived on time, did an exceptional job and are overall great people to work with! I highly recommend Elite Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

    -Evelyn A.

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