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Water Testing

Call Elite Plumbing and Home Services for Professional Water Testing Services in Pasadena, MD.

Water Testing in Anne Arundel County, MD

Safe and clean water is critical for every home in Baltimore and across Maryland. Activities like drinking water, cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene all rely on safe water to protect people, property, and the environment.

Elite Plumbing & Home Services is the leading plumbing company in the region. We provide the services homeowners need to ensure optimal water quality, including professional water testing services.

Water testing is essential when there is evidence of poor water quality, including scaling buildup, bad-tasting and -smelling water, and discolored water. However, even water that appears clean can contain dangerous microorganisms, especially private well water.

Typical Water Contaminants

Our water testing services examine water for a wide variety of harmful contents, including:

  • Hard water. Water with a high mineral content, like calcium and magnesium, is hard on people, appliances, and clothes. Excessive mineral content harms the skin and doesn’t provide a quality bathing experience. Hard water builds up on appliances, shortening their useful lifespans and impacting efficiency. It also damages clothes and linen.
  • Bacteria and viruses. Microscopic organic pathogens require moisture to thrive, and in untreated systems, they can build up in massive numbers.
  • Lead. Any lead contamination in a residential water system is always dangerous. Lead is usually present in systems that have old plumbing and pipes that have suffered corrosion over time.
  • Pesticides and groundwater runoffs. Homes near agricultural areas are vulnerable to¬†dangerous pesticides and agricultural runoff material that make their way into local groundwater supplies.
  • Microplastics. Modern plastics do not degrade for thousands of years. Microplastic residue is present in many residential and commercial environments, including drinking water. Scientists do not yet fully understand the adverse impacts microplastics have on human health.

How We Conduct a Water Test

First, we will discuss the basics of water testing with you and gather information about your water supply. Then, we will schedule an appointment at your home to take the needed samples at your convenience.

Our technician will inspect your faucets and taps. Then, they will disinfect the tap being sampled and collect sufficient water for testing.

Our state-certified lab conducts the ordered tests, and results are usually ready in about three business days.

We provide the full test report, carefully explain the findings, and answer your questions about the results. If you are interested in water treatments to address any issues in the results, we will discuss the various options available for home water treatments or other needed plumbing services.

Let Elite Plumbing & Home Services Provide Professional Testing of Your Home’s Water

The first step in addressing your home’s water quality is learning exactly what flows through your tap. If you are looking for a plumber to provide the best water quality possible for your home, our team of experts is ready to consult with you and provide comprehensive water testing services.

Before we test your water, we will listen carefully to your concerns about your water quality and any evidence you have seen of water or plumbing issues. After testing, we will thoroughly and carefully explain the results so you can make the most informed decision about what water treatment options are best for you and your family.

Call Elite Plumbing & Home Services today at (443) 343-2284 to discuss testing your home’s water quality with the top plumbing and water treatment company in the Baltimore area and all of Maryland!

Water Testing FAQs

Can you test your water yourself?

There are tests sold that claim to allow you to test your water yourself. However, a professional firm with the appropriate licenses and certifications should conduct the testing to ensure the quality and accuracy of the results. The EPA recommends using a certified testing facility to test water content and quality accurately.

Should I have my water tested regularly?

The EPA recommends that you test your water regularly, with annual testing considered a minimum standard. Elite Plumbing & Home Services can consult with you about a testing schedule after the installation and repair of a new or existing water treatment system. Future testing ensures the proper operation of water treatment systems. Regular testing also helps detect issues that can develop over time as a plumbing system ages.

Will I know in advance what a water test will look for?

Before we provide water testing services, you will know what a water test will look for. We will carefully explain the types of testing we perform and how to interpret the results when they are ready. Depending on the source of your home’s water, there are different tests you will want to consider.

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