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toilet clogged

What Causes Your Toilet To Clog?

A clogged toilet is a constant source of stress and hassle. No one wants to end up with a bathroom they can’t use. If you have been facing issues with a clogged toilet, it is important to figure out the root cause of it and get it sorted out as

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unclogging shower drain

Importance of Drain Cleaning Services

Certain tell-tale signs are exhibited by drains that are soon going to be clogged. The water drains slower, the drain gives out a nasty odor, or there is a frequent need to use the plunger. If you ignore these signs, you are going to land in a major plumbing emergency

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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Drain Clean and Unclogged

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Drain Clean and Unclogged

Kitchen clogs are very common. No matter how careful you are about what goes down the pipe, sooner or later you are likely to face a kitchen drain clog. The main culprits that cause a clogged drain are leftover food bits, cooking grease, coffee grounds, etc. And unfortunately, you can’t

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