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Water Treatment

Do you need a treatment system?

Well it’s a good chance you do, but first we need to know…
What is in your water?

Common reasons you may need treatment equipment:

Since so much of our daily routine depends on water use, having to deal with these problems every day can become more than just an inconvenience. 

Call to set up an appointment today to get your water tested!

After testing your water we will explain the results to you and discuss what equipment we recommend installing based on your water chemistry.

Equipment We Install


There are many benefits of installing a water softener in your home which include:

Do you have hard water?

Water hardness is generally the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. But in layman’s terms, you may notice water hardness when your hands still feel slimy after washing with soap and water, or when your drinking glasses at home become less than crystal clear. Hard water also increases scale build up in pipes and appliances. If you suspect that you have hard water, give Elite Plumbing & Home Services a call and we can test the hardness of your water today.


Corrects a waters PH by raising the ph. and bringing the water from an acidic state to neutral state.

*Acidic water can leach metals from pipes and fixtures, such as copper, lead and zinc. It commonly causes blue staining and leaks on copper water pipes and premature water heater failure. It can also damage metal pipes and cause aesthetic problems, such as a metallic or sour taste, laundry staining or blue-green stains in sinks and drains.

EPA drinking standard is 6.5-8.5 However. Target 7.5

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis RO

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites reverse osmosis as one of the most “effective in eliminating all disease-causing organisms and most chemical contaminants.”

Reverse Osmosis Eliminates:

*Nitrates were found in water at much higher levels than normal and acceptable: A little about Nitrates. Consuming too much nitrate can affect how blood carries oxygen and can cause methemoglobinemia (also known as blue baby syndrome). Bottle-fed babies under six months old are at the highest risk of getting methemoglobinemia. Methemoglobinemia can cause skin to turn a bluish color and can result in serious illness or death. Other symptoms connected to methemoglobinemia include decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate, headaches, stomach cramps, and vomiting. The following conditions may also put people at higher risk of developing nitrate-induced methemoglobinemia: anemia, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, sepsis, glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency, and other metabolic problems.

Only recently has scientific evidence emerged to assess the health impacts of drinking water with high nitrate on adults. A growing body of literature indicates potential associations between nitrate/nitrite exposure and other health effects such as increased heart rate, nausea, headaches, and abdominal cramps. Some studies also suggest an increased risk of cancer, especially gastric cancer, associated with dietary nitrate/nitrite exposure, but there is not yet scientific consensus on this question.

Not only does chlorinated water have an undesirable taste, some research has also linked chlorine in drinking water to increased prevalence of cancer in the bladder and rectum. Other researchers, however, have refuted this claim. And Much More….  

Benefits of reverse osmosis include:

UV light
Treating water with an Ultraviolent (UV) light is one of the MOST effective ways to treat waterborne microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses) in water. In this UV water disinfection process, water is exposed to UV light which disrupts the cell structure of the microbe and thus destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. UV Sterilizers are commonly used by households on well water, as coliform and other bacteria are often an issue with well water. A UV disinfection system can protect household water from harmful bacteria and viruses 24/7. UV lights take up a small footprint, are reliable, ecofriendly.

Cartridge Filters

Commonly used to remove sediment.

Chemical Injection

Mainly used for Very Low Ph Correction, Sulfur problems.

Carbon filters

Are effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, odor and VOCs to provide chemical free water throughout your entire home.

 Chlorine in drinking water can cause water to smell or taste like chlorine and can cause drying of your skin and hair and fading of clothes. 

Our customers have been pleased with difference in the quality of their hair after removing the chlorine from their water with the installation of a whole house carbon filter.

  Also there has been some research claiming that chlorine in drinking water increases prevalence of cancer in the bladder and rectum. 

If you are concerned about the chlorine levels in your water then call us today. We will help you eliminate it!

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